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On My Periods With Auntyflo

What’s in a name? The bleeding phase of the menstrual cycle has been given many names over the times, across lands, cultures and societies. Generally it is to disguise what you’re talking about, because it may not be an ‘acceptable topic’ in society, culture, or […]

Welcome to Mindful Menstruation

Hello lovely one! Please allow me to ‘break down’ that heading, and the name I chose for this website. WELCOME In my own words, means I love that you are here!! Thank you. MINDFUL Google online dictionary says: Conscious or aware of something Inclined or […]

About Jodie

It really is my deepest pleasure to welcome you to these pages, and my hope that you may absorb some hidden gems about the workings of your amazing body and its cyclic nature. Women have so many gifts for the world, and are capable of the beautiful gift of life itself. Cherish yourself, and discover the beauty that is your menstrual cycle.


My inspiration for Mindful Menstruation flows from within, as a woman with decades of experiencing the menstrual cycle and it’s flowing phases, and feeling the connection with women across our beautiful Earth. My three beautiful daughters who are now in their teens and on their womanly path have their fertility cycle in full swing, and getting inspiration to them at times can be tough, when they see their bleeding as a burden and interfering with activities in life. Some deeper connection with women before us, as our matriarchal lineage and the times and culture they lived, resonates within me as well. Among many things, I am a daughter, a mother, an aunt and a sister, and love being a woman!


This collection of physiological facts (anatomy & processes), ancient feminine wisdom, the sacred, rich cultural story, and product descriptions, supports us in our very personal journey with information and understanding. Take what you need. We have been gifted this incredibly complex body, and we all experience it differently BUT our reproductive functions are for the same purpose: reproducing, supporting new life and birthing new generations of humans on our planet Earth. Along with great sprinkles of love, pleasure, and connections. Including your deeply personal inner connection with self.


Enjoy the gems you may glean throughout this site. My wish is that it helps in your understanding, and furthers your self loving care and confidence. Take pleasure in your bleeding and in knowing that your body is innately doing what it does best, and always seek help when you need it.

I would love for you to be willing and open to sharing your thoughts in the comments sections at the bottom of each post: things you may like me to research, questions, and snippets of your own experience within your cycles. Women are generally superbly wonderful at sharing the love around. I thrive on our connections, and supportive environments we create on our ever-changing paths. We are all constantly exploring our natures and new ways of being in the world, through every cycle of growth and release, we are renewed. Again and again.

Shine your heart, love your body

Jodie Lyn Brown


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